Top 10 vim plugins

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These are my top 10 favorite vim plugins that I use to be a more productive programmer. The list is ordered in descending order of awesomeness.

  1. . online-thesaurus: Display synonyms for the word under the cursor.
  2. . vim-ruby: Make editing ruby code a much pleasant experience.
  3. . jk-jumps: Add j-k movements to the jumplist to move back and forth with O-I.
  4. . surround: Add/delete/change the surrounding elements of a piece text.
  5. . repeat: Use the dot command with user defined maps.
  6. . closetag and emmet: Auto complete HTML classes/ids/attributes and more.
  7. . supertab and YCM: Code autocomplete.
  8. . nerdtree and buffergator: Visualize a directory tree and current buffers.
  9. . vim-test: Test code within vim.
  10. . ctrlp and fzf: Find and open files quickly.