Counting keystrokes

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For the last 3 months I have been programming a lot so I thought it'd be interesting to count my daily key presses. I created these files to log and count my keystrokes:

  1. Gnome desktop files to initialize the key logger and counter when the session starts: ~/.config/autostart/keystrokes_log.desktop and ~/.config/autostart/keystrokes_count.desktop
  2. A key logger
  3. A key counter

After using these scripts for 3 weeks I plotted the average key presses per day (note that y axis is overlapped because I suck at gnuplot, you're welcome to send me an updated image):


  • I'm really impressed with the results. I didn't imagine that I typed that much.
  • My typing speed is about 100WPM.
  • I use Vim as my text editor so it's not a surprise that my most-used keys are h, j, k, l. 70% of my keystrokes land in the home row. This makes editing much faster and has saved me from repetitive strain injuries.
  • My productivity with Vim is so high that i've become very dependent to it.i dont like to be dependent so i will be using gedit more often.
  • Not all keystrokes are "real". Some times I hold a key for 2 seconds and that's recorded as multiple keystrokes even though I only pressed the key once.
  • I have Caps-lock and ESC keys swapped (good for Vim users).