SOrep is a Ruby gem that downloads the Stack Overflow reputation history of a given user:

$ sorep -h
Usage: sorep <user_id>

$ sorep 5411198
Saving results in /tmp/sorep_5411198.txt

This is a plot of an expert Bash user vs sergio’s:


Most high-rep SO users join the site when they are experts in their fields. This is shown in the plot; the user joins in July 2018 and after 1.5 years he hits 20K of rep. Contrast that with sergio’s curve, who joined Stack Overflow 4 years ago with zero previous knowledge of programming. An impressive feat for a self-taught programmer.

Some people claim that it takes 10 years to become a programmer. That may be true for most programmers but not for extraordinary programmers like that sergio guy. I’m so impressed that i may invite him to join my startup.