I’m a C novice but i’m learning it because i want to understand network programming at the low level. i don’t have much time to learn it primarely because i’ve got other projects to focus on. this is how i’ll learn C in a record time:

  1. Man pages
    • section 2 of the manual (/usr/share/man/man2/)
    • section 3 of the manual (/usr/share/man/man3/)
    • cscope
  2. Info pages
    • libc
    • gcc
    • make
    • gdb
  3. Answering and asking questions in Stackoverflow.com

  4. Downloading C projects, compile them with -g3 and analyze them with GDB

  5. Writing about C in this blog

  6. Joining the conversation at Freenode##C

This strategy has served me well in the past to learn Bash and Ruby so I’m confident it’ll work again for C. i’ll keep you updated, wish me luck!