Wiki edits with wikian

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Want to be a happier Wikipedian? Then you want Wikian, which lets you edit Wikipedia pages locally, with your favorite text editor. To install it:

$ gem install wikian

To use it create a Wikipedia account, then define and export the WIKI_USER and SECRET_WIKI_PASS variables in your .bashrc:

export WIKI_USER='Example_wiki_user_name'
export SECRET_WIKI_PASS='example_wiki_password'

Wikian works across Wikimedia sites and follows the file naming convention:


Some valid file names:


To append some text to your Wiktionary user profile:

$ cat User:$

== Last section==

$ wi post -a User:$
Article uploaded

To get an article's wikitext:

$ wi get -t
Creating template wiki.yml

$ wi g
Writing to
Writing to

Then edit the article and upload it:

$ wi post
Article uploaded

To append wikitext to section 2:

$ wi post -s 2
Article uploaded

To search for a term in Wikipedia:

$ wi s Mr. Fixit
Writing to Mr. Fixit.json

To get your last 10 Wikipedia contributions:

$ wi c
Writing to

To tune the request parameters create a config file with any of these:

$ wi g -t

$ wi c -t

$ wi s -t

Vim users should try mediawiki.vim which adds syntax highlighting and abbreviations for wikitext files.