Biden or Trump?

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First, there's no other president in history that has put up with as many vicious questions and fake accusations as Donald Trump. That's good news, it shows that America has a president that values freedom of speech. Yet freedom is threaten by the corrupt media and tech companies that silence Democrat critics and cover up corruption scandals. Courtesy of the corrupt media, Biden has been able to hide and duck questions the entire campaign like no other presidential candidate in history. When Biden is asked tough questions disaster ensues. The real threat to freedom of speech is not vicious questions, but collusion. If you value freedom, you must vote in this presidential election. Ronald Reagan once said: "Never take freedom for granted because it's never more than one generation away from extinction".

Besides freedom, here are other factors to consider before choosing between Biden or Trump:

  1. Joe Biden seems to have a hard time working a full day, and has deteriorated mentally in quite famous and significant ways. Evidently, he is physically and mentally incapable of handling such a demanding job as the presidency.
  2. Joe Biden has been in politics since 1972. Do you think someone who has been in office for so long without accomplishing much is going to come in and change everything for the better?
  3. Biden has promised to cancel the bilateral agreement with Mexico that prevents many illegals from arriving to the US, end deportations of anyone who is not criminals and push for a massive amnesty for illegal aliens.
  4. Biden lies often and without regret. In the last presidential debate (watched by millions of people) he falsely denied his statements on banning fracking.
  5. Biden claims to be the candidate of the middle class, yet he takes millions of dollars from tech billionaires for his campaign. His commitment to the middle class is dubious after taking so much money from the rich. Once he gets past the election is payback time.
  6. Biden claims he would've handled the pandemic better than Trump. This statement is hard to believe after he was against the China travel ban that Trump imposed before most western and european countries. Trump was not the only one to initially belittle the pandemic hazard, there was also Biden and the World Health Organization.
  7. Both Biden and his vice president, Kamala Harris, refuse to say whether they will try to add more justices to the Supreme Court.
  8. Biden wants to stop subsides for the oil industry and ultimately shut it down. Trump is for a balanced energy production system with both clean energy and non-renewables. Trump's focus on energy independence has lead to the lowest US energy imports in decades.

Trump has delivered on most of his campaign proposals, always putting America first. Don't vote for Biden just because you don't like Trump. That is just stupid.

Trump administration built the strongest economy in 50 years with democrats and the media fighting them all the way. Low record of unemployment for all. Trump has made America great again. A strong America is good news for anyone that values freedom. As John F. Kennedy said: "America must be determined to be first, and when we are strong, and we are first, then freedom gains, and the prospect for peace and security increase". Finally, when the election is over, I hope the United States becomes more united, not less.