A netcat-like repl

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Runc is a network communication repl inspired by netcat and curl. In contrast to those tools runc is simpler and faster to use. To learn how to use runc pass the help option:

$ runc -h
  runc [options]

  header> host: example.com, port: 80
  request> get

  -B, --no-body     discard the response body
  -H, --no-header   discard the response header
  -h, --help        print this message
  -n, --host        host name (default 'localhost')
  -p, --port        port (default 8000)
  -v, --version     print runc version

Features and ProTips:

  • Runc relies on standard library features and has zero external dependencies.
  • The default request is GET /.
  • An empty response/header fallbacks to it's previous value.
  • Case-insensitive HTTP verbs.
  • Runc stands for "run connection"